We create new futures for founder led businesses

What we do

SME’s with a great product often can’t find the right people and the right process to create a great business. 

We invest in these businesses and install our unique operating system, so they can fulfil their full potential, leading to private equity or trade exit within 3-5 years.

Why we’re unique

We recognise that the best and brightest business founders are innovators.  Their strengths are narrow and deep, focused in the creation of the new. 

Their businesses may not offer the safe, rounded capability so many investors look for.  They bring the creativity and market disrupting idea that is exactly what we look for.

But the challenges of building a business are undeniably many and complex.   Our team has proven capability to rise to the real challenges of business growth, both human and strategic, won at the sharp end by doing it for real. 

Our approach

We get involved. We bring leadership and capability.  We can inspire teams around your vision, or engineer fantastic processes to make it happen, or attract the right investment to fuel growth. We bring what is needed to create great businesses from great products.

  • Following initial Entrepreneurial Audit and acceptance of our offer, we establish clear goals and a plan to deliver profitability and growth.

  • We work with existing teams, re-inspiring and creating new energy whilst keeping knowledge and skill in the business. 

  • Our team members and network partners take interim leadership or non-executive roles to drive immediate change and performance.

  • We want to share success with the people who create it and will generally put in place equity participation for key team members.